What is surface grinding?

Surface grinding is a process in manufacturing with one specialized purpose of creating flat, high definition surfaces on parts. Jigs, molds and dies are one of many products that require absolute accuracy of the surface grinding machine, down to the smallest precision requirements. The process can be applicable to both metallic and non-metallic substances.

Sure there are cutting tools that can also do the grinding work, but the surface grinder is meticulously important because it does not only help manufacturers achieve a mirror-like finish, but also the depth, curve or parallel between edges – something you can’t hardly get with a regular mill or lathe.

How does it work?

Manufacturers can use either an automated surface grinder – motor-driven grinding machine designed with advanced technical features – or a manual surface grinder with the use of a highly-skilled operator. (Check out our blog on manual grinding vs automatic grinding!)

The process of Surface Grinding is an abrasive one, meaning that two surfaces will be in rough contact with each other to rub off a thin layer of one. The workpiece (the part that needs flattening) is secured in place by a chuck mounted on a worktable. Then a spinning wheel, made with abrasive materials, will grind against the surface of the workpiece to remove impurities. Abrasive materials are particles of diamond, silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. Each particle in the wheel acts individually as a cutting tool, referred to as single-point, while the entire wheel, which consists of a great amount of abrasives, is called a multi-point cutting tool. The end result of the process is precise dimensions and quality coating finishes.

In a manual surface grinder, in order to spin the wheel for the grinding process, an operator will have to manhandle the handwheel. This step requires meticulous skill from the worker as the workpiece has to be placed precisely. When being grinded together, friction causes two surfaces to produce an excessive amount of heat, resulting in tiny bright sparks of fire. Once the surface of the product is free of impurities, the sparks will disappear. Due to such a high level of heat generated, coolant – a type of liquid that can remove heat – is pumped onto the grinding surface. 

Top 3 best companies offering surface grinding in Vietnam


CNCTech is one of the most well-known mechanical engineering companies in the country with over 14 years of experience and multiple factories around Vietnam – Saigon, Binh Duong, Thang Long and Bac NinhCNCTech offers.

CNC-based manufacturing mainly of, but not exclusively, plastic products. In recent years, tremendous investments have been made, making the company a prestigious name in the industry. If full-package manufacturing service, including surface grinding, is what you are looking for, CNCTech is a great choice. 

Cam Resources

Cam Resources is a thriving precision manufacturing company based in Long An. Cam Resources originated from Singapore, offering top-notch facilities along with a diligent workforce with years of international standard training. 

Cam Resources has the right precision EDM, wire-cutting, grinding machines that can meet customer’s exact engineering specifications. As proof of the company’s excellent work in the industry, Cam Resources is the first foreign company to be awarded the Certificate of Science & Technology Enterprise by the People’s Committee of Long An Province.

Cam Resources also offers worldwide shipping of finished products in a timely and hassle-free fashion. It is one of the best choices for clients who are looking for surface grinding service that inherits foreign technology for a competitive pricing plan.

Vintech Manufacturing

Vintech Manufacturing is a Ho Chi Minh City based company that offers a wide range of precision manufacturing services. The company has been with the local market since 2005, thus having a known reputation in the industry. 

Vintech is a good option for businesses aiming at the local market, for it offers local shipping and a pricing plan that appeals to the scale of smaller businesses.


Cam Resources have both automatic and manual surface grinding that can benefit diverse precision custom tooling parts. Precision manufacturing at Cam Resources is taken care of down to the smallest digit. Operator’s skill is upgraded with in-house training in well-equipped factory.