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Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) is one of the most anticipated annual events in the manufacturing industry, with the theme for 2023 is “Future Factory”. CAM Resources is honored by the participation of CAMV’s team at VME 2023, showcasing mold and die capabilities to the world of manufacturing!

There might be a few days in August this year when the shop floors go silent! Manufacturers from several industries converge at the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) 2023, happening between August 9th and 11th, with the theme of embracing hyperconnectivity. 

VME is an annual exhibition organized by the Reed Tradex and held at I.C.E. (Cung Van Hoa) Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. The trade show attracts exhibitors and visitors from different parts of the world, provides opportunities to keep up with the latest trends and technologies, and provides networking for professionals in the industry. 


CAM Resources is excited to announce that our subsidiary, CAMV, will participate in VME 2023. Our mission is to improve productivity by transforming factories, and we look forward to showcasing our capabilities at the event.

Through this article, let’s take a closer look at why VME 2023 is a must-attend event for industry players to showcase their products and services, learn about the promising future of mold and die manufacturing, and discover the exciting things CAMV has in store for this event.

A Brief History of VME:

The Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) was established in 2007 and has been held annually since then. It operates as a platform to enable the growth of the manufacturing industry in Vietnam.   

Reed Tradex, a subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions renowned for operating trade fairs and events, took the initiative to launch and govern VME with the purpose of promoting Vietnam’s manufacturing industry and facilitating business opportunities and knowledge sharing within the sector.


Visitors browsing through the booths at VME 2022 (Source: Invest TV)

To date, VME stands as Vietnam’s premier expo focused on machinery and technology in various industries, including automotive and auto parts, building and construction, chemical and processing, electrical and electronics, medical, and metallurgy. Through seminars, workshops, and conferences, VME aims to provide insights into the industry’s emerging technologies and trends while encouraging innovation in Vietnam’s growing manufacturing industry.

Reflecting on VME 2022: 

In 2022, VME returned with strong digital experiences and numerous exciting activities centered around “4.0 Manufacturing and Sustainable Growth to Join the Global Supply Chain: Lead the Trend with the Lean Factory.”


The VME 2022 kick off underway (Image source: VOV World)

The exhibition was successful and warmly welcomed by 6,373 manufacturing industrialists from across Vietnam and overseas, all of whom came to discover leading-edge technologies in assembly automation, metrology, metalworking solutions, and other industrial components and subcontracting for the supporting industries. Up to 100 technology brands from nine countries and six international pavilions were also present, showcasing the best of their technologies.

Despite the impact of COVID on every industry last year, the appeal of the event remained strong, with 58% of visitors reporting overall satisfaction due to the volume of exhibits. 46% of visitors were satisfied with their objective of finding alternative suppliers.

CAMV to Showcase High-quality Precision Mold and Die Solutions at VME 2023

Our commitment is to be the industry’s preferred choice for all precision engineering and manufacturing needs, and attending VME 2023 aligns with this vision.


CAMV’s QC technicians taking a closer look at the mold

At CAM Resources, we are committed to staying up-to-date and continuously innovating, particularly in this highly competitive industry. In the near future, we aim to expand our business operations to cater to our European customers and CAMV’s attendance to VME 2023 is a great opportunity to connect with the industry stakeholders at the global level.

What Awaits Visitors at CAMV’s Booth? 

For CAMV, it will be the second exhibition of the calendar year. The last event earlier this year was INTERMOLD Nagoya, which was exclusively focused on the mold and die industry and held in Japan. It was a big success, and you can see how we fared at INTERMOLD by checking out our page here.

CAMV’S booth at INTERMOLD Nagoya 2023

As we prepare for VME 2023, we are taking a proactive approach by extending invitations to our existing customers to visit our exhibit and sending email notifications to new prospects to inform them of our participation in the event. We aim to engage with our customers, understand their needs, and explore new ideas from other industry leaders.

During the event, our team of professionals will be onsite and available to answer any questions, present our products, and provide personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of each visitor. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional service to the visitors at our booth, and fostering meaningful connections. All the attendees can pick up and review our brochures and catalogs and collect complimentary gift sets.

Pre-register with CAMV today!

We are committed to becoming the industry’s first choice for precision engineering and manufacturing needs, and we will keep you updated about our upcoming events and initiatives. Stay informed about our company’s progress and developments by following our various media channels and our website.

For VME 2023, you will find the registration form on our newly created landing page.

VME 2023: An Expo You Can’t Afford to Miss

Based on last year’s report, a larger proportion of visitors had a positive view of the overall products they saw at the event, resulting in an outstanding recommendation score. In addition to the displayed products, some visitors benefited from making new contacts (24%) and doing business with approximately 1-10 exhibitors.

The presenter in action at VME 2022 (Source: Vietnet24h)

As businesses gradually return to normal in 2023, we forecast that this year’s event will see even greater growth in these statistics. This event presents amazing opportunities for CAMV and all industrialists and attendees looking to expand their market by finding alternative suppliers, discovering new products, and extending their business network.

VME is exclusively intended for manufacturers in need of mold and die solutions. Don’t miss this event, and register now to book an advanced meeting with us at the exhibition.

Why CAM Resources for Precision Tooling, Mold  & Die Manufacturing?

At CAM Resources, we specialize in precision tooling and molding solutions for manufacturers worldwide. We deliver custom precision tooling, mold & die components, jigs, and fixtures for several industries including automotive, medical, electronics, and connectors.


CAMV’s technician shares a lighter moment with the sales team member

We aim to be the industry’s first choice for precision engineering requirements by providing top-quality custom precision tooling and mold and die solutions with unparalleled accuracy and competitive pricing.

Discover the Cutting-edge Precision Mold Technologies

CAM Resources is dedicated to providing the highest quality precision mold components, achieved through our investment in the latest equipment and software. Our factories are equipped with world-class machinery, including CNC milling, surface grinding, EDM, and wire-cutting machines, that conform to engineering specifications and exacting standards.

Shop floor visual from our Vietnam facility

Our confidence comes from years of precision engineering  experience and our combination of advanced machines with the expertise of our highly-skilled technicians, who undergo regular in-house training to maintain the highest production standards. 

With a customer-centric approach not limited to our workforce, we also program our machines with advanced CAD/CAM software running the latest EDM technologies to ensure that we provide you with the perfect mold every time.

Quality is the Heart of Our Business

At CAM Resources, we prioritize quality in all aspects of our work, from design to mold-making and inspection of the finished product. Maintaining high product quality is essential for forging long-lasting partnerships with customers. 

Precision mold and die-making is a complex and exacting process that requires high skill and expertise. Each step must be carefully planned and executed to ensure the final product meets the customer’s specifications. It is a time-consuming process but essential for the successful production of high-quality products.


Our QC technician performing the testing procedure

We constantly upgrade and introduce newer and latest QC stations to ensure that all finished custom tooling parts are rigorously checked for any minute flaw and that specified custom mold component hardness, precise dimensions, and quality coating finishes are fully met.

Our state-of-the-art testing equipment ensures high-quality precision molds with near-zero tolerance accuracy. Every piece of our product is thoroughly tested for conformity before dispatch.

On-time delivery reputation: From Vietnam to across the world

We take extra care of your precision tooling, molds, and die component shipments. Pre-packaging processes include demagnetizing and rustproofing as well, and we also do custom labeling on demand. Once we receive your blueprint, it takes less than 24 hours for our customer team to review it and get back with a quote. 

In the first place, we start off with certified raw materials to produce precision custom tooling components to the highest engineering and finishing standards according to our customers specifications. 


Packaging process at CAM Resources Vietnam factory

We are proud of our on-time delivery reputation since we value the time of our customers as our own. Our experienced workforce and customer service teams work in perfect conjunction, striving to deliver high-quality precision tooling and molds without any unwanted delays. We meet the packaging standards of several countries and work with an exclusive shipping partner to ensure all your orders arrive at your doorstep on time.

Our Founder’s Say: The Power of Taking Chances – Never Try, Never Know!

According to Robin Tan, the founder of CAM Resources and General Director of CAMV, it is crucial for our business to participate in VME 2023. 

He said: “VME is certainly one exhibition we can’t miss since it’s exclusively intended for manufacturers who are always in need of mold and die solutions.”


Also, there is more to come for CAMV, including a trip to Hannover, Germany, in September of this year and to Italy next year for the EMO exhibition, which is held every year.

After attending the last VME event with COVID restrictions and fewer international visitors, Robin is looking forward to this upcoming event with high expectations for the turnout. Thus, this is an opportunity for CAM Resources to gain a deeper understanding of customers and the market’s needs, engage with industry stakeholders, and generate innovative ideas and solutions. 

Robin also added: “If you never try, you never know.”

Let’s Hyperconnect at VME 2023!

By now, you must have figured out the prominence of VME as a prime networking event and exhibition for the manufacturing industry in Vietnam. One should attend VME to stay abreast of the latest advancements associated with machines, technologies, shop floors, and eventually factories as a whole.

We look forward to welcoming you at CAMV’s booth at VME 2023 at the International Centre for Exhibition (ICE) in Hanoi, Vietnam, from August 9th to 11th. For your convenience and for us to prepare well to serve you better, we have a pre-registration form here.

Feel free to browse through CAMV’s website, explore the range of top-quality precision mold components, and fill out an inquiry form for further assistance