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Our product range

We begin with getting the basics right!  All precision custom tooling components are produced to the highest engineering and finishing standards using only certified raw materials in accordance to our valued customer’s specifications and requests. We deliver a comprehensive range of products anywhere in the world.

Mold & Die Sets

Die Components

mold components & Inserts

Jigs & Fixtures

Materials we process

Our selection includes a range of steel and carbide materials

Steel Materials

SKD11, SKH51, DC53, S45C, S50C, ASP23, ASP30, SUS404, A6061, A5052,ASP23, SKH51, SKD11, PD613, DC53, SKS3, SUS440C, HPM31, HAP40, S45C, S50C, DAC-MAGIC

Carbide Materials

E20, KD20, EF20, RD50, D40, VF12, V10, V20, V30, V40, V50, V60, MC20, G5, EF10