Precision on every single detail of the spec

QC Equipment

Quality is the utmost priority for everything we do at CAM from design to mold-making and inspection of the end product. QC is a skilled art, and at CAM Resources we have goals for our quality personnel and we make sure they undergo continuous training to keep them highly focussed and motivated for delivering such quality.

Our state-of-the-art testing equipment from renowned brands include hardness testers, microscopes, and height gauges to meet various customer specific requirements. The dedicated workforce will always deliver the right products with the right specs. We make sure every single piece is tested for conformity before we dispatch

Hardness Testers 
+/-0.001 accuracy  

Measuring Microscopes 
+/- 0.002 accuracy 
(Sinown, Olympus)

Height Gauges

Packaging & Shipments

We take extra care of your shipments. Pre-packaging processes include demagnetizing, rust proofing as well. We also do custom labeling up on demand. 

Upon receiving your blueprint, it just takes less than 24 hours for the customer team to review and get back with a quote. We value your time and take our commitment to delivery seriously. Besides meeting the varied packaging standards from all countries, we exclusively work with our trusted delivery partner to ensure all your orders arrive at your doorstep, on time.