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Our machines

Our factories are equipped with world-class machinery built for accuracy and customization. Our long list of machinery includes CNC milling, surface grinding, EDM, and wire-cutting machines that manufacture to exacting standards and conform to users’ engineering specifications.

It’s a mix of man and machine that makes us unique! Our machines are built to deliver absolute precision on the tooling, molds, and dies. They are operated by a highly-trained, skilled, dedicated, and reliable workforce and powered by ever-up-to-date software. Constant upgrading of operators’ skills through in-house training is regularly carried out to maintain the highest standard of production of custom precision tooling, mold and die sets and components, jigs, and fixtures.

CNC Milling Machine

For material preparation and jobs that require milling

Surface Grinding Machine

For perfect finishing and high accuracy tolerances

Wire-Cut Machine

For more complex profiles and ultra-detailed cuts

Electrical Discharge Machine

For detailed profiles, slots, and holes

advanced edm technologies

At CAM Resources, our customer-centric approach is not just limited to the workforce. Our machines are programmed with advanced CAD/CAM software running the latest EDM technologies, which always ensures we give you the perfect mold!

Our software 1
Our software 2


Through our latest blog on the role of EDM technology in precision mold and die making. 

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